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  • Connor Larsen

Giving Tuesday Campaigns: How Will You Stand Out?

We’ve heard it a million times.

“I don’t want to overwhelm people on Giving Tuesday.”

“Won’t our donors be irritated if we send another email?”

“I’m worried that our major donors will think we’re money-grabbers.”

We get it. In a world where we’re all online and constantly inundated with fundraising emails, it makes sense to be concerned. But will you allow that fear to stop you from standing out on Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday: It’s Time to Start Planning

When our founder worked in-house at a nonprofit, she started planning their Giving Tuesday campaign in July! We’re already entering September, which means you have just shy of 3 months to plan your outreach — and how you’ll stand out from the crowd.

As you craft your campaign plan, don’t leave out any of your digital spaces. It is time-consuming to create individual materials for all of your social media accounts, email campaign, website, and more. We know just how hard firsthand.

But when your graphics and stories align across platforms, your message will resonate. Your organization will be the one sticking in your audience’s mind.

Here’s Where to Start

Find a story from the last year of your organization’s programs. Mold it into a story that works for your email audience, your Instagram followers, your giving page, and a video if you have the time and resources.

Let that story be your guide through creating your Giving Tuesday content. When you feel overwhelmed, recall the feeling that story evokes — and then try to create content that makes you feel that emotion.

Benefit from Your Giving Tuesday Campaigns Longer

If you plan your annual communications in January, you may have already realized that your Giving Tuesday content can continue to work for you long after November 28th.

With the assets you’ve already created, you can expand the story or carry the same theme into your year-end appeals. Giving Tuesday creates momentum for organizations, especially small and medium nonprofits. Capture the forward motion granted by your (well-planned) Giving Tuesday campaigns and don’t fear missing this big opportunity just for nonprofits!

And on top of it all, Giving Tuesday is simply a great time to engage your community. Consider a peer-to-peer giving campaign to take advantage of the passion from your closest supporters. We promise you: That peer-to-peer campaign may be the most beneficial piece of your whole campaign!

We hope you’re no longer worried about filling up your donors’ inboxes and that you’re ready to tackle your Giving Tuesday campaign. But if you feel like you need help telling your story or creating content, reach out to us today by emailing our founder today.

(Seriously, today! Giving Tuesday isn’t far away and we have limited availability.)


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