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The Clouds Part for Sunrise: Nonprofit Marketing Services

Every time one day ends, another sunrise comes up over the horizon, offering new opportunities and possibilities. Sunrise Communication Strategy is born out of a similar moment.

As one door closed, others opened, showing the possibilities laid out ahead, just like a sunrise over bluffs. And with those possibilities, I saw a path through. I could see a communications firm that was focused on nonprofits, what their communities needed, and what their staff needs.

I saw a path forward where we could provide communication and digital marketing support to small and medium-sized nonprofits, and I saw that we could set up incredible organizations with a digital ecosystem to help their communities thrive. I saw that we could build solutions to communication problems that nonprofits could sustain on their own, if only we could put the foundation in place.

So Sunrise Communication Strategy comes out of my experiences as a nonprofit marketing manager, as a consultant working with nonprofits burned by other consultants, and as a progressive who wants to see movements thrive.

What Sunrise Does: Nonprofit Marketing Services

Sunrise Communication Strategy provides marketing support to nonprofit organizations. I’ve managed the marketing and communications department at nonprofit organizations, and I’ve been the assistant level executing on ideas. As a result, our offerings are extensive.

If you’re a c3 or c4 organization, Sunrise can help with the following:

  • Digital Strategy - achieving your goals by engaging your community of supporters with smart, creative tactics derived from your mission and existing platforms

  • Communication Planning - annual review of your communications and messaging designed to help your staff spread your mission

  • Nonprofit Services - Sunrise provides assistance with annual reports, #GivingTuesday campaigns, managing the Google Ads Grant, supporter acquisition, fundraising appeals, and event marketing

  • Websites - from starting over with fresh designs to managing your existing site and updating your SEO strategy, Sunrise offers comprehensive website support

  • Social Media, Email Programs, and Ads - we’ll help with your outbound marketing, which keeps your supporters engaged, generates awareness, and brings in donations

  • Copywriting and Editing - writers first and foremost, we provide writing and editing services, and we can even help develop your content strategy or style guide

  • Photography - we love written arts but we’re thrilled by creating gorgeous visuals too, so we partner with nonprofits to provide event photography services

It’s a comprehensive list, I know. But the good news is that if you schedule a time to chat, we’ll talk through what we believe your organization needs to thrive and achieve your short- or long-term goals.

Who Sunrise is For

Sunrise Communication Strategy is here for the nonprofit organizations that need help keeping up with the day to day communications demands brought on by our always-on digital culture.

We’re here for the nonprofits with a theory of change that takes into account our social, political, and cultural histories.

We’re always thrilled to help the organizations that appreciate a long-term strategy to build their own community — instead of relying on external data and get-there-quick tactics that may or may not violate privacy laws.

We want to work with the groups who serve their communities and strive toward the Common Good, and a world where people work for the collective.

Sunrise is working with organizations focused on developing and maintaining community connections.

Does your organization fit into any of those buckets? Even if you’re not sure, reach out to Sunrise Communication Strategy today for all your marketing and communications needs.

Our nonprofit marketing services come with a team that knows how to work with nonprofit organizations. We understand how to build your new website so that your team can update it. We’ll even train your staff so you don’t need to work with consultants anymore.

Click the button below to reach out to me directly today, and we’ll dive in!

Welcome, Connor Larsen


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