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Writing Services


We're writers and communicators, and we're obsessed with telling stories. We can take your editorial calendar, write your content, and revise as needed — all in your organization's voice.

We'll craft your story on macro and micro scales, for your long-time supporters and the new folks. Whether you want help writing your fundraising appeals, your blogs, or even your social media copy, reach out to Sunrise today.


Maybe your ​marketing assistant produces great first drafts, but you're not seeing the finished product you were hoping for. Maybe you know grammar isn't your specialty, but you really like writing your organization's blogs. 

No matter the reason, Sunrise can be your copyediting solution. With eagle eyes, we'll find your typos and missing commas — and we'll help with structure and formatting too. 

Style Guide Creation

Does your team write great pieces, all in different voices, tones, and structures? While it's amazing your team contributes to the content strategy your organization needs, it's important for your brand that the pieces make sense together. 


Without a documented style guide, you'll continue to experience challenges with your team's individual writing styles. Let Sunrise help by creating your style guide. 

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