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Social, Email, and Advertising

Social Media Management

We've been on social media since our first MySpace pages where we learned how to code — and we've been helping nonprofits market themselves over social media platforms for 7 years.

Social isn't a one-person job anymore. We offer several flexible plans for nonprofits including editorial calendar management, copywriting, graphic design, community engagement, and analysis.


Get in touch today, and let us know where you need the most help. 

Email Programs

When we say 'email programs,' what we mean is using email to engage your community of supporters. What we don't mean is churn-and-burn, rapid acquisition, buying lists, or using subscribers as ATMs. 

We can help your organization set up welcome emails, develop quality acquisition programs, write and send emails, and market your initiatives.


As an opt-in tactic, email programs have high ROI. If your email program isn't serving you well, let us take a look. 

Digital Advertising

The best digital ads have a natural flow and look like they belong in your audience's feed. They target people who match qualities your existing audience has while reaching to expand into new platforms. And they provide your organization with more actions and higher ROI. 

We'll provide you with a one-stop shop for advertising media plans, targeting, creative, copy, placement, and analysis. Don't wait — let's get started with a well-planned campaign today! 


Do you need social and email? What about email and advertising? We love to mix and match, and we especially love multi-channel marketing campaigns!  

Multi-channel campaigns have cohesive messaging. And we love organizations that see the value of branded, impactful campaigns.


That's why we offer bundles for partners who want to employ more than one tactic in their campaign strategies! Reach out to us for more information about bundles and what's the right package for you. 

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