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Nonprofit Specialties

Annual Reports

Major donors and potential sponsors are looking for organizations that can demonstrate their program effectiveness. Are your annual reports weaving together the story of your impact and fiscal responsibility? At a glance, could a donor tell you've put your best foot forward? 

We offer annual report support ranging from planning content and copywriting to copyediting and design. 

#GivingTuesday Planning

When do you start to plan your #GivingTuesday campaigns? Are they after thoughts, or do you start creating materials in August? Like any marketing campaign, you need time to lay the groundwork. But if you've left your planning a little too long (or want to get ahead!), we can help.

We've helped nonprofits run #GivingTuesday campaigns across social media, using peer-to-peer marketing tactics, and video. 

Google Ads Grant

Google offers qualifying nonprofits a monthly $10,000 grant in the form of search ads. But most nonprofits don't use this grant to the fullest potential. We've helped nonprofits achieve consistent average click-through rates of 10% and boosted web traffic.


We can help you apply for the grant, write your first ads, and manage your account. Don't wait — help your supporters find you! 

Supporter Acquisition

One of our core values is the "Common Good." We create Common Good strategies for nonprofits who are focused on building community for the long-term. There are no high-quality, fast ways to grow your supporter community — but there are ways to gain high-quality supporters. 

Reach out today to learn how we can help your community grow — ethically. 

Fundraising Appeals

Are you missing opportunities to connect with your donors? And are you using the donation data in your CRM effectively? 


Lots of nonprofits are missing out on big opportunities to grow donors' impact over the years. Don't let your organization be one of them! Let Sunrise write your year-end or mid-year fundraising appeals and put your donor data to work for you. 

Event Marketing

Most nonprofits have a solid community of donors who come to all their events. But what about new donors and expanding your community?  

It's helpful to branch out from your traditional marketing checklist for your annual events. Reach out to us for help creating a new event marketing strategy to revitalize your guest lists. 

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