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Strategy Services

Annual Communication Planning

Annual communication plans keep your team on track and ensure none of your programs or events get left in the dust. We'll craft an annual communication plan for your organization — leaving you more time and energy to implement programs that serve your mission. 

Reach out today if you know your organization's communication plan needs better documentation. We'll cover your program marketing, event promotion, and more. 

Digital Marketing

Digital ecosystems have many components. Whether your goals are to organize donors into activists or to generate donations for your new program, we can craft a strategy that will achieve your goal. 

Every marketing strategy has the same building blocks — but the foundation and decor are always as unique as your organization. 

Reach out to us to get started on your strategy refresh today.

Content Strategy

Getting found online isn't as easy as it used to be. But when we build your unique and informative content strategy, your online platforms have a better chance of being found through updated SEO tactics. 

Stories trigger action — so your content strategy should start with storytelling. But how do you put a plan into action? Let us help with the plan and the action; you focus on your mission. 

Campaign Planning

Does your organization have your annual communication plan and marketing strategy documented and ready to implement? Then you're ready for unique, one-time marketing campaigns! 

Make sure your campaigns align with your strategy, activate supporters, and shine a light on your work. Connect with Sunrise to ensure no tactics are left behind! 

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