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The Sunrise Story

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Building New Paths

Every sunrise is a chance for us to make a difference for our communities — and even for the world.


Sunrise Communication Strategy is founded on hope that, as a collective, we can build for the common good. That we can create opportunities together.

At Sunrise, we'll develop a marketing strategy that takes into account your goals and your audience. So let's get building.

Our Mission

Sunrise Communication Strategy aims to support forward-thinking, social justice-oriented nonprofits to present their stories through well-planned communications and strategy. 

Our Values

The Common Good

We only enact practices and strategies that protect the Common Good and create spaces for humans. That means we aren’t interested in purchasing people’s data and we prefer to utilize platforms that respect individuals too. A “Common Good strategy” may mean taking a longer road, but our methods create long-term communities that build trust, accountability, and action.

Your Nonprofit's Story, Our Marketing Expertise

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Connor Larsen

Founder, CEO

A decade of digital marketing strategy development and a lifetime of writing, all deliberately focused on helping nonprofits grow.

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